ARTICLE: What's at bbcon for Arts Administrators?

April 10, 2017

bbcon is October 17 – 19 in Baltimore, Maryland! This conference brings together thousands of non-profit professionals to discuss current trends, best practices, and outcome‐based solutions that help advance the social good movement.

bbcon offers an unparalleled learning experience and insights into innovative technology that will help power your passion. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to have fun along the way, including networking with your peers and meeting one-on-one with Blackbaud experts and industry thought leaders.

So, what's at bbcon for a professional like you? 

There is a lot to tell you! Here are some quick links to skip around this post:

This year, the Arts and Cultural track has its own Big Idea session, and we have doubled the number of educational sessions from some of the arts and cultural industry’s best and brightest minds. Below is a sneak peek of the bbcon sessions created just for you.


  • Arts & Cultural Track Keynote: The Audience Engagement Journey
    Whether you work in performing arts, museums, or zoos, your opportunities for establishing deeper connections and creating signature experiences begin the moment a new ticket buyer enters your doors. We will kick off our arts & cultural bbcon track with an exploration of the audience engagement journey, led by Nik Honeyset, the CEO of the Balboa Park Online Collaborative. Nik will discuss where audience engagement strategies are trending, who’s doing it will, and how you can change the game at your organization. This dynamic session will kick off will a live example of audience engagement that you won’t want to miss!
    HOST: Nik Honeysett, CEO, Balboa Park Online Collaborative
  • The Case for Creative Placemaking
    The Creative Placemaking movement, which creates thriving neighborhoods and communities by infusing them with arts and culture, has swept the nation with visibility and millions of dollars of grants from major arts funders. However, creative placemaking efforts are still diffused, making it a challenge to connect community leaders with funding and best practices to make this a reality in more areas. This past year, the Bolz Center for Arts Administration and Blackbaud came together in an effort to engage and unite creative placemakers, connecting the influencers with funding, toolkits, and each other. In this session, learn not only how you can get involved and find funding for creative placemaking in your community, but also broader engagement and advocacy strategies that benefit any mission driven organization. 
    HOSTS: Laura Beussman, Sr. Marketing Manager for Blackbaud's Arts & Cultural Group with Sherry Wagner-Henry, Director of Bolz Center for Arts Administration, University of Wisconsin
  • The Business of Digital Engagement
    Digital. Is it about websites and social media? Or is it our greatest strategic partner in relevancy, capacity, audience engagement and business decision-making? Join this session for a strategic to tactical look at how cultural organisations can leverage digital to better serve their audiences and deliver on their missions.
    HOST: Paul Burke, CEO of Guru with Nik Honeysett, Board Member of Guru
  • Bringing fun to fundraising: Gamification & VR
    With the rise of virtual reality games, what can cultural organizations do to leverage this new technology to meet their bottom line? We'll explore how aquarium, gardens, museums and zoos are using programs like Pokemon Go and other gamification platforms to expand and ignite their ticketing, membership and fundraising campaigns. 
    HOSTS: Jennifer Leavitt, Principal Arts & Cultural Consultant for Blackbaud with Courtney Grainger, Altru Sr. Product Manager for Blackbaud
  • Boost your online sales with website optimization
    Do you have clear goals for your website? Is your website effectively communicating your organization’s brand and mission? Does your website make it easy for visitors to buy tickets and make donations? Your website is your biggest asset, and each year it becomes a more important channel: while donations to arts and cultural organizations were flat last year, online giving grew 8.3%. Sacramento Zoo and the Gaillard Center put their website to work for them, and found not only did they grow online ticket sales and donations, but also the project helped their organization clarify their long term goals and vision. In this session, hear from Jaime Wilson, Digital Marketing Manager at Sacramento Zoo and Stephanie Shipe, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at the Gaillard Center, on how they transformed their online brand. You’ll also walk away with an understanding of what you can do today to improve your website, from Aga Siuda, the Blackbaud designer and industry expert behind both of these projects.
    PANNEL DISCUSSION: Aga Siuda, Principal Arts & Cultural Designer for Blackbaud's Interactive Services team with Jamie Wilson, Digital Media Manager for the Sacramento Zoo and Stephanie Shipe, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Gaillard Center
  • Building Strategic Community Programs 
    In the past two years, the Boch Center for the Performing Arts went from 50 community events to 250! Discover their strategy and ways for you to engage your community to further your mission and vision
    HOSTS: Rosita Bradham, Blackbaud Arts & Cultural Customer Success Manager and Vivian Baguer Holland, Program director of the Boch Center for Performing Arts
  • What drives audience engagement
    Gain insight on some of the critical factors that influence the attendance behavior of cultural consumers, recent research that highlights some barriers and opportunities in attracting cultural audiences, and potential implications for strategic marketing decisions. 
    HOST: Zannie Voss, Director for National Center for Arts Research
  • Big Data, fundraising, and unicorns
    This informative session will focus on understanding how big data and analytics can be used to improve fundraising and membership results. This session will not be about chasing unicorns or other mythical creatures unlikely to drive improved fundraising results. We’ll cover the basics and the buzz words before having a meaningful discussion on what it takes to be successful in the age of big data. 
    HOSTS: Steve MacLaughlin, VP of Data & Analytics for Blackbaud and bestselling author of Data Driven Nonprofits
     with Mark Stuart, President for the Foundation of the Zoological Society of San Diego

  • It’s Me Mario! How to master the game of pipeline fundraising with Target Analytics
    During this session we will use Missouri Botanical Gardens as a case study on how to successfully us a combination of analytics and strong prospect management techniques to fuel fundraising growth and achieve your goals.
    HOSTS: Brinkley Cox, Annual Giving Coordinator for Missouri Botanical Gardens with Carolyn Copp, Senior Strategy Consultant for Blackbaud
  • Smart Data, Successful Strategies
    Learn how to implement successful strategies by understanding your donors. This session will help you make sure that your data is lean, clean and ready to work for you. Roll up your sleeves and consider how to collect data, analyze it, make it relevant and act on what you've learned. 
    HOSTS: Carolyn Copp, Senior Strategy Consultant for Blackbaud with Debora Trumble, Senior Fundraising Analyst for Blackbaud and John Perrell, Director of Direct Response and Shared Services for Smithsonian Institute
  • Dream Big on a small budget: tips on marketing automation, segmentation, recurring giving and more.
    Are limited staff, tech skills, or budget holding you back from your goals? Not anymore! You can boost donor retention, drive engagement, and streamline stewardship processes with the resources that you have right now. Transform your membership communications—and regain valuable time--with tips on automation, segmentation, recurring giving, and more.
    HOSTS: Arielle Bateman, Assistant Director of Communications and Stewardship for Carnegie museums of Pittsburgh with Jonny Thompson, Customer Success Manager for Blackbaud
  • From Raiser's Edge to Altru: What you need to know
     the second year of a five year $80 million campaign, the Autry would do the unthinkable and changed their fundraising database from Raiser’s Edge to Altru. In this session, we will review the donor/prospecting reasons that led to the database conversion, the overall process, goals, and impact.
    Hosts:  Jennifer Leavitt, Principal Arts & Cultural Consultant for Blackbaud with Cristian Hamilton, Sr. Director of Development, Relationship Management and Data Sciences for the Autry Museum of the American West

We are so excited for the product sessions dedicated to Altru users. 

  • Altru Roadmap Review
    Join us for a live and engaging session as we review the direction your Altru solution will be taking in 2018!
    HOST: Courtney Grainger, Altru Sr. Product Manager for Blackbaud

  • See Your Success: Altru appeal reporting and OData
    Appeal reporting is an essential part of any successful campaign. This session will review how to create a refresh-able OData Dashboard in Microsoft Excel® 2013 to help you keep tabs on statistics like total raised, response rate, and average gift amount.
    HOSTS: Rachel Nigro, Altru Onboarding & Adoption Program Manager with Shannon Knight, Principal Consultant for Knight Analysis & Solutions
  • Recruit and retain members with the latest in membership in Altru
    Creating an attractive membership benefit package is crucial for both recruiting and retaining your members. Over the past year, Altru has added new functionality to help you make your membership benefits enticing, exclusive, and easy! In this session, learn how to leverage member’s only events, member only–pre-sales, and guest passes to create benefits your members won’t be able to resist.
    HOSTS: Rachel Nigro, Altru Onboarding & Adoption Program Manager with  Jennifer Leavitt, Principal Arts & Cultural Consultant for Blackbaud
  • Are you looking for more Altru tips, tricks and training?
    Check out our NEW Altru track during Blackbaud University Day on October 16! Get ready to roll up your sleeve and build new skills with focused instruction, deep-dive training and practical demonstrations to help you get the most from Altru.

Want to get even more out of your bbcon 2017 experience? Roll up your sleeves and join us on October 16 for Blackbaud University Day. Accelerate your learning and build your skills with focused instruction, deep-dive training and practical demonstrations to help you get the most impact from your Blackbaud solutions. (Psst: This is $600 of training offered for only $325*. This offer is only available to purchase when you register for bbcon).

Blackbaud University Day offers the following solution tracks to choose from:
Altru, Raiser's Edge, Blackbaud CRM, Financial Edge, Luminate Online, MicroEdge, ResearchPoint

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Join us from October 17–October 19 in Baltimore, Maryland. The full bbcon agenda will be out soon. Registration is now open; take advantage of the early-bird rates* available now until July 15!  

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