TIP: Don't Panic! Raiser's Edge NXT Will Keep Your Event On Track!

September 21, 2017

See your event tasks with Raiser's Edge NXT

You’ve made the event invite list. You’ve sent out e-vitations. 
Now your boss wants to know how you’re tracking toward your registration goals, who’s coming, and how many dollars you’ve raised so far… Oy vey! 

Events that Basically Track Themselves 

Lucky for your boss (and for you), Raiser’s Edge NXT™ makes tracking events as easy as a few clicks! Simply log in to:
  • See outstanding goals
  • Track registration and fundraising
  • Solicit sponsorships
  • Check on committee progress
  • Build a seating chart
Your boss is going to be seriously impressed. 

Discover more reasons why fundraisers want Raiser’s Edge NXT in this white paper by independent consultant Bill Connors. 
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