The Green Line, Twin Cities, MN

July 7, 2017

"While the City of Saint Paul tried feverishly to garner positive coverage for the benefits of transit that the Central Corridor would bring to the community, their positive message was consistently diluted in the media by negative stories about the impact of construction. As Irrigate projects began popping up along the Corridor in unexpected ways, the disruption of the many small projects quickly had a surprising impact. The magic of art started a different conversation, something that couldn’t have been predicted but was such a blessing. Irrigate’s public process engaging artists from the community to support local businesses provided a nimble and creative way to influence the narrative and change community perceptions of the value of community development. Irrigate’s approach taught the public sector that sometimes it’s all right to let go of the bureaucratic process to allow for a more organic process of community engagement."
– Nancy Homans, Policy Director, City of Saint Paul


The Green Line: How arts improved the planning & construction processes

With the Green Line project improved and more stops included in neighborhoods that needed them most, attention turned to the next phase of the Green Line: planning and construction. While local arts groups did not spearhead the early organizing efforts, artists of all stripes would play a role in what came next.

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