OVERVIEW: Altru Single Sign-On

October 6, 2017

We are excited to inform you that Blackbaud ID, Blackbaud’s new single sign-on (SSO) experience, is being enabled for Altru in the October 2017 release. This new login experience will enable your users to leverage a single set of credentials across Blackbaud Internet Solutions™, including Blackbaud.com, Knowledgebase, and applications like Altru and Financial Edge NXT™ . To ensure that your team is aware of the upcoming change and is prepared with the appropriate credentials, we’ve collected some articles for you:


1. Ensure that your site administrator with Blackbaud is up to date

2. Ensure that you have invited all Altru users to Blackbaud.com

3. Ensure that all members of your team have their Blackbaud.com and Altru credentials handy

4. Determine how you want shared logins to be handled moving forward

5. If you have an OData or API connection, learn the impact of SSO


Watch the Altru Single Sign-On On-Demand Recording to follow along with these slides.

Learn more on how to prepare for SSO and review FAQs on the Altru Community >

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RECORDED WEBINAR: New SSO Login Functionality for Blackbaud Altru
RECORDED WEBINAR: New SSO Login Functionality for Blackbaud Altru

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OVERVIEW: Altru Help Resources

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