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VIDEO: Altru for Aquariums, Gardens, Museums & Zoos

Trying to get accurate information from all the different solutions at your organization is not just frustrating, it's expensive. It costs you in time, money, and customer service as you chase data from office to office trying to get the whole picture. That's where Altru is different. Altru allows you to have one system for your ticketing, fundraising, development, and merchandise for your museum, zoo, garden, or other general admission organization. That means one central constituent record that has all of a person's interactions with your organization. Sound too good to be true? Check it out in this video!

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OVERVIEW: Blackbaud Champions
OVERVIEW: Blackbaud Champions

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VIDEO: A 360 View of Your Operations with Blackbaud Altru
VIDEO: A 360 View of Your Operations with Blackbaud Altru

With Blackbaud Altru, you consolidate admissions, membership, fundraising, and more in one revolutionary, c...

Every Ticket Sale is an Opportunity with Blackbaud Altru

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