OVERVIEW: Blackbaud Altru + Guru

April 17, 2018

The Blackbaud Altru team and Guru are partnering to help your organization collect data insight to help you engage with your visitors like never before!

You’ve heard the saying “two is better than one,” and in this case, it rings true. When it comes to delivering visitor and member data insight, Blackbaud and Guru are two companies leading the charge together.

As an aquarium, garden, museum, or zoo, you’re already great at collecting visitors’ contact information to easily stay in touch, but are you collecting the data you need to truly understand them? What do your visitors, members, and donors want to be contacted about? What motivates them to come back? What makes them open their wallets to donate, create, or renew a membership?

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"A Guru/Blackbaud integration represents the perfect marriage of back-end and front-end data. The adage that data is more powerful in the presence of other data has never been more significant as the cultural community evolves to be more informed about its operational and programming decision-making. This partnership represents a game-changing opportunity from two leaders in their fields."
Nik Honeysett, CEO Balboa Park Online Collaborative

Guru partners with cultural institutions to enhance the visitor experience through location aware mobile apps, cutting edge AR/VR technology and riveting content. Not only does Guru help its partners provide more exciting and memorable experiences for guests, Guru acts as a business enhancement tool through data collection and analysis which is used for everything from planning exhibits, creating target markets for marketing campaigns to increasing merchandise sales and donations.

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RECORDED WEBINAR: Data-Driven Visitor Engagement with Blackbaud Altru and Guru
RECORDED WEBINAR: Data-Driven Visitor Engagement with Blackbaud Altru and Guru

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