ARTICLE: Measureable Outcomes to Justify Your Training Investment

March 7, 2017

“Knowledge which is acquired under compulsion obtains no hold on the mind.”

What Plato said then holds true for education and training now. From the days when education was deemed a crucial element in individual development, to today, when it has become a bitter pill due to such factors as lack of desire or time and money.

Blackbaud University is the training arm at Blackbaud. At our core, we understand that, as our customers, you make a significant investment in the solutions offered at Blackbaud. In return, we offer training solutions to help you become proficient in your investment in order to accelerate your mission. If we aren’t delivering the content and solutions to make you successful, we aren’t doing our job. Positive outcome is what we’re about.

Our course curriculum and varied training formats are built and deployed so that you, our customers, can be successful in your missions. It all starts with technology focused on helping your arts and cultural organization use Blackbaud software. We showcase the “how-to”—specifically, within a Blackbaud solution, whether it’s how to run a query, run a report, or perform a mail merge. It puts the responsibility on you to apply key training takeaways in order to succeed.

The next part of our curriculum focuses on technology—driven outcomes. For instance, in Altru®, we offer courses on fundraising and membership that give you an overview of how donations, membership payments, and pledges are processed and stored. You learn how fundraising hierarchies are organized for managing donation revenue and what types of membership programs are configurable in Altru. This is a measureable outcome on the front end that’s critical to justify your training investment.

Finally, Blackbaud University features Nonprofit Workshops—these are newer education options focused on how to be a better nonprofit. Rather than focusing on a specific Blackbaud software, these workshops help you take the guesswork out of identifying topics for your professional development plan. We’ve built interactive, instructor-led classes that you can easily fit into your busy schedule.

Now let’s talk consumption.
There are different methods of consuming Blackbaud training and we’ve developed several ways to take advantage. All types of training in the curriculum discussed above are available to you through our Training Central site. You are able to select courses and content individually, BUT our most popular and cost-effective education option is the Blackbaud Learn® subscription. A Learn subscription gives you and your staff access to training materials so you can take advantage of all available courses, like online classes, regional training, and nonprofit workshops. Again, it’s about delivering value to your employees and value you to your organization so that you become proficient in your Blackbaud solution and spend more time on your mission.

Take your Altru education to the next level.
Blackbaud University is excited to offer a certified learning opportunity to Altru users that recognizes student achievement and helps validate your Altru product knowledge. We’re providing this development opportunity to reflect our users’ commitment to excellence. After course completion, you receive certification as a power user to stand out amongst your peers and other professionals. Ready to prove your Altru product knowledge? Join us for a webinar on  Tuesday, March 21 at 2:00 p.m. ET  to learn more about becoming Altru Fundamentals Certified.

Not sure where to begin your training?
Visit Training Central, then select Altru Training. Use the Altru Fundamentals series as your launch point to understanding the power of Altru. Our instructors use interactive exercises to teach you core product functions. Need the big picture? Take a look at Blackbaud University’s entire Altru curriculum. See the entire portfolio of classes, including all on-demand videos, instructor-led courses, and classroom training.

The bottom line is that effective learning requires interesting topics, interactive and diverse training formats, and content developed around best practices. Effective training takes into consideration the context, accessibility, and application needs of users and customers who are learning. At Blackbaud University, we’re proud to offer you ever-evolving training content that does just that. We look forward to seeing you soon!

You have specific training needs, and we have Blackbaud training plans designed to meet those needs. Whether it be on-demand videos, instructor-led online classes, or personalized onsite training, we’ve got you covered. Not sure where to start? Fill out the form and we will follow-up about the training options that will work best for your organization’s needs and budget! Request more information about our training options >

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