PODCAST: Finding the Sweet Spot with Behavior Based Email Communications

August 21, 2017

In this podcast episode, we are talking about behavior based email marketing for nonprofits with Jessica Sotelo the director of online marketing at the World Wildlife Fund. Jessica oversees the email marketing and fundraising at WWF. Listen in as we discuss how email marketing approaches change over time, and how to take a more thoughtful approach to crafting email campaigns that create lasting engagement.  

Topics discussed this episode:

  • Creating engagement by sending emails to smaller segments
  • Swim lanes and defining the levels of engagement
  • Having an unwelcome series as a last ditch effort to get opens
  • Shifting focus to acquiring subscribers through advocacy
  • Collaborating with different teams within nonprofits
  • Trusting your decisions when defining email segments


Listen now:

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World Wildlife Fund

Jessica Sotelo

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“Instead of sending a large email blast to everyone, focus on interaction and send emails to a smaller group.” - Jessica Sotelo

“Smaller email segments have higher open and higher engagement rates.” - Jessica Sotelo

“We are going to start sending reactivation emails to unresponsive groups three times a year.” - Jessica Sotelo

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