PODCAST: When #GivingTuesday isn't Tuesday

August 21, 2017

Today’s topic is about local Giving Days that don’t fall on Giving Tuesday - how does an organization decide which day to focus on? My guest to discuss is Amy Daly, Director of Marketing and Communications for Project Angel Heart. Her organization participates in Colorado Give Day and she shares how they balance their popular local event with the global Giving Tuesday movement. Listen in as she shares marketing and communication tips around Give Day campaigns. 

Topics discussed this episode: 

  • Creation of a state-wide Giving Day in Colorado
  • Incorporating Giving Tuesday into a local campaign
  • Consistent messaging on Give Days
  • Metrics and segmentation strategy
  • Stewardship for Giving Day donors
  • Things to consider when deciding which day to focus on
  • Project Angel Heart and storytelling 

Listen now:

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“This is bigger than just us, and participating in this allows us to be part of something that’s exciting and gets people really jazzed about giving.” - Amy Daly

“I don’t think it’s jumping on the bandwagon to participate in something that’s successful, that’s working and it’s getting people excited.” - Amy Daly

“If you see people getting excited about something, get excited with them!” - Amy Daly


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