OVERVIEW: Deceased Record Finder™ for Altru®

January 30, 2017

Pro-Actively Identify and Suppress Accounts From Communications in Blackbaud Altru.

DeceasedRecordFinder™ was designed to help nonprofits pro-actively identify
deceased individuals within their constituent database, and either suppress them
from communications or develop an alternative strategy to engage that household
moving forward. The service reviews a list of supporter names and addresses,
and examines each record to determine if that constituent has passed away, and
if so, returns the date and source of the deceased information.

Want to learn more about Blackbaud Altru's data enrichment services? Contact us at solutions@blackbaud.com or call 800.443.9441 and check out these other database tools included with Blackbaud Altru:

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DATASHEET: Address Finder for Blackbaud Altru

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OVERVIEW: Blackbaud Altru Accelerate Program

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