RECORDED WEBINAR: A Successful Migration from Patron Edge to Blackbaud Altru

TopTix announced the end of support for Patron Edge in 2017. As a Patron Edge client, you are likely evaluating your next step. As many former Patron Edge clients have learned, Blackbaud Altru® may be the right choice for you. In this webinar, join the team from San Diego Natural History Museum as they tell their story of selecting Blackbaud Altru to consolidate their fundraising, ticketing, membership, camps, group sales, and more into one cloud-based solution. San Diego Natural History Museum followed the migration that dozens of Patron Edge clients have taken, such as Bechtler Museum of Modern ArtSeneca Park ZooOklahoma City Museum of ArtPretend City Children’s Museum and many more. Take a live look at Blackbaud Altru and learn how organizations like yours have saved time and gained a holistic view of their supporters.

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When aquariums, gardens museums and zoos switch to Blackbaud Altru, the comprehensive ticketing,  membership and fundraising solution from Blackbaud, they see amazing return on their investment in just the first few years. We call that The Blackbaud Altru® Effect. Find out how Blackbaud Altru can help you see every micro-moment with your visitors as a chance to grow revenue for your general admission organization in this infographic.

Want to know what The Blackbaud Altru Effect looks like at your organization? Let’s find out! Talk to a solutions specialist about the ROI of Blackbaud Altru based on your data or get a closer look at Blackbaud Altru here.

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VIDEO: Moving from Patron Edge and Raiser's Edge to Blackbaud Altru
VIDEO: Moving from Patron Edge and Raiser's Edge to Blackbaud Altru

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VIDEO: Membership with Blackbaud Altru
VIDEO: Membership with Blackbaud Altru

Gone are the days of having outdated membership data at the front desk or trying to validate a membership i...

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