Episode 51: Analytical Activism ft. David Karpf

March 29, 2018 Blackbaud, Inc.

The digital age provides enormous opportunity for non-profit organizations to collect data, but it’s not enough for non-profit organizations to simply collect information. In order to use that data to make better decisions, nonprofits need good testing and analytics strategies. 

Today’s guest, David Karpf, has a long history of involvement in advocacy organizations. David is currently a professor in the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University and has just released a new book about analytics in activism.Tune in to the episode to hear David’s thoughts on how analytics and testing are affecting the way that advocacy organizations create change. 

Topics Discussed in this Episode: 

  • How to combine the fundamentals of organizing and causing change with the latest technologies
  • How data and analytics enable organizations to try and test more strategies and make better decisions
  • How organizations that want to influence policy can use analytics and testing
  • What organizations should do if they want to make a shift in the way they test and experiment
  • How paying close attention to social media trends can pay off in exposure for non-profit organizations
  • How MoveOn has build a large member base because of their testing strategies
  • Advice for non-profits in the digital age
  • The importance of digital listening 

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David Karpf

Analytic Activism

The MoveOn Effect


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Quotes from this Episode

“The crucial thing for organizations, I think, is that they still embrace the hard conversation upfront about what is our vision, what is our mission, what are we trying to achieve.” 

“The practice of testing is way more important than the outcome of any one test.” 

“The organizations that are going to be leading the way in nonprofit social change are the ones who have set themselves up to test.”


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