RECORDED WEBINAR: Benchmarking with donorCentrics to Drive Fundraising Success

June 8, 2018

Benchmarking to Drive Fundraising Success
Now available on-demand

Each of your constituents has a unique relationship and giving history with your organization. One of the keys to fundraising success is your ability to effectively evaluate this history, so you can understand each constituent’s capacity to give and maximize the value of your donor relationships.

Traditional campaign reporting only provides top-line information on revenue and donors, often masking significant underlying trends in donor giving behavior. These reports provide details specific to individual campaigns, but don’t provide over-arching perspective around your organization’s overall efforts to grow revenue and acquire, renew, upgrade, or reactivate donors.

But donorCentrics® puts the donor at the center of the analysis. Detailed transactional data from your donors are utilized to create three key tools to help you drive fundraising success: an overall program assessment (OPA), collaborative peer benchmarking, and interactive performance dashboards.

Watch a recorded webinar to learn how nonprofits use benchmarking to:

  • Enlarge their donor base
  • Nurture donor relationships, and maximize donor value
  • Improve fundraising efficiency and resource allocation
  • Identify high-value donors for additional cultivation efforts
  • Pinpoint underperforming segments and areas where improvement is needed
  • Implement strategic program enhancements
  • Establish standardized reporting that endures through staff turnover

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