RECORDED WEBINAR: Performance Dashboards from donorCentrics®

August 31, 2018 Lisa Kenney

Performance dashboards from donorCentrics provide fundraisers with a detailed, yet accessible web-based view of their fundraising performance. The dashboards allow you to visualize and track performance across key indicators related to donor numbers, activity, revenue, retention, reactivation, and more. Track performance across all programs, or drill down to specific segments defined by donor type, giving level, time period, and more. Join us as we discuss how performance dashboards give you the KPIs you need to identify under-performing segments; track the impact of strategic initiatives; justify additional investment; and deliver detailed reporting for your leadership.

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After successfully partnering with Blackbaud’s Target Analytics team for more than 20 years, the Smithsonian Institution shares its top three tips for leveraging data to run a donor fundraising program. Hear them all in this short video!

“The mission of the Smithsonian is the increase and diffusion of knowledge. How we fulfill this mission is through research and telling stories. We've worked with Target Analytics for 20+ and analytics are the key drivers in everything we do with our program.”

—John Perell, Director of Direct Response and Shared Service, Smithsonian Institution
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Target Analytics helps nonprofits of all mission types improve prospect research, direct marketing, data enrichment, and performance analysis through smart, effective data solutions. Using records of over 200 million U.S. consumers with over 1,000 highly accurate individual attributes, Target Analytics has access to the industry's most comprehensive nonprofit database, processing more than 4 billion transactions annually. Powered by that elite set of data, Target Analytics provides actionable insights that both identify your most promising prospects and explain how to engage them effectively. 

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SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION: Leveraging Data for a Successful Donor Program
SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTION: Leveraging Data for a Successful Donor Program

Are you leveraging predictive data analytics like the Smithsonian?

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DATASHEET: Address Finder for Blackbaud Altru
DATASHEET: Address Finder for Blackbaud Altru

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Target Analytics® Significantly Boosted the Revenue of Houston Zoo's Operations Fund

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