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WHITE PAPER: Preparing for an Audit

November 3, 2016

Maybe you're experiencing a queasy feeling as you come to the end of your first year of grant spending. Or maybe you're a seasoned grant professional nervous about how things have changed with the new 2 CFR Part 200 grant regulations (a.k.a. Uniform Guidance) and wondering how the death of the A-133 audit guidance will affect you.

There’s a first time for everything, and your first single audit is no different. You may have several questions already, or you may not even know enough about the audit process to know what questions you should ask.

The first step: take a deep breath and don’t panic. In this report, I’ll guide you through the process with a step-by-step approach to reduce your stress and help you feel confident that you’re ready to hold your own!

About the Author
Lucy Morgan delivers straight talk with a sense of wisdom and humor. She is a CPA, MBA, GPA approved trainer, speaker, and author of three books including Decoding Grant Management—The Ultimate Success Guide to the Federal Grant Regulations in 2 CFR Part 200 and The Diamond Mindset, an Amazon ranked best-seller. Lucy is a leading authority on federal grant management for nonprofits, institutions of higher education and state, local and tribal governments. She has written over 250 articles on grant management topics which are featured in LinkedIn, various e-zines, and on the MyFedTrainer.com blog.


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Preparing for the Year-End Audit
Are you expecting an audit? Join us for a webinar where you’ll be guided on how to prepare for your first single audit and the recent regulations that can affect your organizational plans around audit prep. We’ll highlight the three key changes to the single audit process that grant managers should be keenly aware of, along with advice for avoiding deficiencies in audit findings and top tips to ensure that your single audit runs smoothly.

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