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VIDEO: Fundraising with Blackbaud Altru

September 13, 2016

Blackbaud Altru also helps you boost your fundraising efforts.  A more complete picture of each constituent means you have a broader reach to capture more potential donors as well as more knowledge to deepen the relationship you have with known supporters. Has that donor attended the last several modern art exhibits? Time to find out if they want to increase their giving to help bring new exhibits or help add a new gallery. Or, does their giving and attendance match up to their true capacity to give?

Attendance history, membership activity, fundraising history and more all stored in a single record gives you one clear view of your supporters, empowering you to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

Blackbaud Altru provides the most 360 degree view available to help increase the breadth and depth of your fundraising campaigns.

When aquariums, gardens museums and zoos switch to Blackbaud Altru, the comprehensive ticketing,  membership and fundraising solution from Blackbaud, they see amazing return on their investment in just the first few years. We call that The Altru® Effect. Find out how Blackbaud Altru can help you see every micro-moment with your visitors as a chance to grow revenue for your general admission organization in this infographic.

Want to know what The Altru Effect looks like at your organization? Let’s find out! Talk to a solutions specialist about the ROI of Altru based on your data or get a closer look at Blackbaud Altru here.

Want to see a live demonstration for yourself? Register for an upcoming webinar or contact solutions@blackbaud.com for a 1:1 demonstration.

Scope out the right cultural fundraising tool for your team by taking this short quiz. Find out the right solution that best fits your needs! 

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VIDEO: Raiser's Edge NXT or Altru: What's Right for Your Fundraising?

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