RECORDED WEBINAR SERIES: Essential Fundraising How-Tos

May 2, 2018

Being the go-to person at your organization isn't easy. That's why we're streamlining these daily processes for you with clear, simple, and actionable takeaways your staff members can use for the tasks they work on daily: reports, queries, analysis, asks, and other office work.

Check out our webinar series to learn all the essential how-to's your organization needs, including:

  • How to turn one-time donors into lifetime supporters
  • How to incorporate multichannel fundraising
  • How to reach big goals with big data
  • How to instill the importance of technology in your board

How to Become a Multi-channel Fundraising Rock Star
Did you know that when you connect with donors through multiple channels, they give at least 20% more than donors whom you connect with through only one channel? In this webinar, we’ll reveal an effective multi-channel fundraising approach that empowers constituent communications while boosting organizational results. You’ll walk away with expert knowledge on important industry benchmarks and trends and the top five best practices for successful multi-channel communication. You’ll also hear from Mary Hendley from Workshops, Inc., as she discusses her positive results using an integrated set of fundraising tactics. Watch the webinar >

How to Turn Your End-of-Year Donors into Lifelong Supporters
We’ve all been there—that time of year when we're so over the peppermint mochas and don’t want to hear another holiday song for at least the next 10 months. Now it's time to bounce back from the holidays and get back on track! Though the end-of-year holiday season is known to be a time of generosity and giving back, how do you keep end-of-year givers involved and engaged in 2018? In this webinar, Joe Garecht, founder of Garecht Fundraising Associates, will share some tips on how to turn end-of-year donors into lifelong supporters. Watch the webinar >

How to Explain Donor Database Software (and Why You Need It) to Your Board
Your nonprofit needs smart, solid fundraising software to raise the money it needs to thrive. But at many growing nonprofits, the board doesn’t see it that way. Whether your organization is ready for its first donor database system or looking to upgrade, Joe Garecht is here to help! Join a webinar to learn how to: Explain donor database software in terms your board can understand Show your board how to evaluate different software packages Outline the ROI your nonprofit can expect from the right fundraising software As an added bonus, attendees will get a copy of Joe’s new white paper that you can use when seeking board approval for a new donor database system for your organization. Watch the webinar >

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