TIP: Don’t Miss an Opportunity to Make a Lasting Connection

October 31, 2017 Lisa Kenney

Maximize your follow-ups with precise segmentation.

Thinking about sending one email blast to all your event attendees? What a missed opportunity! Make your follow-ups count with precise segmentation based on what you know about your supporters. 

Influence those with Affluence
Blackbaud's Raiser’s Edge NXT™, takes follow-ups to a whole new level thanks toadvanced analytics tools that organize your event list into five precise donor groups—ranging from devoted philanthropists to casual donors. Using these innovative tools, you can quickly determine who your best prospects are and where to focus your follow-up efforts.
Let us show you who's hiding in your database. Get your prospect and donor profile screening through a FREE affluence scorecard
“Because of our partnership with Blackbaud, we're seeing an increase in ticket buyers converting into donors, and our individual giving program has tripled in the past three years.” 
—Ashley McGlone, Director of Fundraising, The Boch Center
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