TIP: Smile and Mingle—You’re Mobile!

September 21, 2017

With fundraising on-the-go, you can work the room with data in the palm of your hand.

At last, your event is here! You only have a few hours with your biggest donors and their friends. How will you make the most of your night? 

You’ve got this…literally With an effortless mobile interface, Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge NXT™ enables you to pull up your guests—and any notes on them—right on your phone, so you go beyond mingling to making lasting connections. Plus, you can check guests in at the door and even take donations on the fly thanks to on-demand processing through Blackbaud MobilePay™.

Learn more about Blackbaud MobilePay™ in this short video and calculate how much you could save with Blackbaud's Credit Card Updater services. 
“For first time we have a platform that can go anywhere with us.” 
—IT Manager, Corning Museum of Glass
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