WHITE PAPER: The Point of Impact: Where Corporate Philanthropy and Social Impact Collide

November 17, 2016

You already know we’ve reached a point of impact in the giving sector, where social impact is the real point of giving back. And this shift toward impact and measurable results is present across all kinds of giving organizations, from nonprofits to foundations to corporations.

For companies, whether you label it corporate citizenship, corporate philanthropy, CSR or something else, what we like to call “corporate giving and engagement” boils down to the same general idea: a purposeful effort your company has undertaken to give back in one or more ways to make a positive difference in the world and within your organization.

With outcomes in mind, corporations of all sizes are taking a fresh look at their strategic approach to their giving and employee engagement programs. In our latest position paper, we dig in to how things are evolving in this space and detail five distinct hallmarks of strategic, successful corporate giving and engagement programs.

Is your strategy enabled for impact? Read the paper to learn more.

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TIP SHEET: Online Grant Applications

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