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Extend Your Members' Expiration Naturally through Renewals in Blackbaud Altru

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Blackbaud Proprietary Information 65 Fairchild Street, Charleston, SC 29492 | E Page 2 of 4 Most likely your organization already has a renewal process created for your membership program, but you might want to consider creating a new process that specifically addresses this temporary change to your membership terms. Additionally, since most of us are working from home, you may want to introduce more emails. Leveraging standard Altru functionally, let's review how to create a renewal process that will send emails to members who have an email address on file, but also generate letters for those members that do not have an email on file. Creating Membership Renewal Content Before creating your packages and process, you need to have a letter and email that can be used in the process. Follow these steps to create the content: Note — Before following these steps, ensure you have created a letter template using the Microsoft Word™ mail merge wizard. Use the following knowledgebase article: 1. Open up Marketing and Communications and select 'Letters' under Packages header 2. Click 'Add a membership renewal letter' 3. Enter the name of your letter, the export definition you used to create the letter, and upload the letter to Altru 4. Open Marketing and Communications and select 'Email Marketing' under Packages header 5. Click 'Add a membership renewal email' 6. Select Export definition 'Membership Renewal Effort (Email)' and click 'Continue' 7. Create your email with information about the term extension during this time Note — For more information related to creating letters and emails for a renewal process, refer to this knowledgebase article:

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