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Extend Your Members' Expiration Naturally through Renewals in Blackbaud Altru

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Blackbaud Proprietary Information 65 Fairchild Street, Charleston, SC 29492 | E Page 4 of 4 Note — You can have different letters and emails for different letters, but that would require additional setup in the previous steps. 3. Select all options for 'Time to expiration' except for '1 month before auto-renewal'. If a member is set for auto-renewal they will receive the term by default. If you want to communicate to them you can select this option, but ensure that you address these members in the email you configured. 4. In the Mail and Email package fields, select the packages that you created in the previous step. 5. Select 'Email' in the 'For patrons with no mail or email package preference, use' field. This will force Altru to send emails to members that have an email on file and only generate letters for members that are missing an email address. Run the membership renewal process Now that you have configured the process, you can run your renewals and leverage the new content. We strongly recommend sending emails directly from Altru using the steps in the following knowledgebase article: The link added to the email is specific to the member, and they will not have to complete the membership form unless they want to update their membership level. Leverage the custom acknowledgment form in Web Forms Since we are sending a lot of emails in this process, hopefully members are using the membership online form for their renewals. I recommend that you leverage the custom acknowledgment email feature in Altru to thank members for their renewal during this time. You also might want to consider what options you will provide to members who join or renew during this time and add that to the custom acknowledgment email. Example: Members will be provided early access to the museum before the general public when the stay at home order is lifted for our community! You can find the process to create a custom acknowledgment email for web forms here: The steps above have been provided as an option to extend membership expiration dates using standard functionally, and to provide an option for members to continue to support your organization during this time. Additionally, organizations could leverage the standard discount process on memberships or reduce the price of their memberships to entice members to join or renew during this time. I hope these options and ideas provide some help to your organization as you seek to deliver benefits to your valued members, while also considering the opportunity to bring in membership revenue in spite of possible closures.

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