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Extend Your Members' Expiration Naturally through Renewals in Blackbaud Altru

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Blackbaud Proprietary Information 65 Fairchild Street, Charleston, SC 29492 | E Page 1 of 4 BLOG By Ray Clarke Over the past few weeks, there have been a lot of requests from customers about extending membership dates in Blackbaud Altru® ("Altru") as organizations adapt to these unprecedented COVID-19 closures. There are a couple of ways to accomplish this, so I encourage you to consider them both and select what's right for your organization. One option is to use the Blackbaud Altru Membership Utility to globally extend membership expiration dates (which can be limited by a query) as detailed in this knowledgebase article: The other option, detailed below, changes internal operating procedures while also providing extra time on a membership. It may also bring in near-term membership revenue for your organization during this uncertain time. Increasing the Membership Term In Altru, organizations can create promotional codes that will automatically extend the membership date when a customer joins or renews their memberships. However, this requires a customer to use that promotion code through web forms, or for an internal user to manually apply the promotion to the membership transaction. A Membership Manager can change the membership term to increase the current terms for all membership transactions. For example, let's say your organization wants to provide a 3-month extension for members that renew or join today. The Membership Manager can adjust the term from 1 year(s) to 15 month(s) and the system will automatically join and renew members for an additional three months. Once we are back to normal, the term can be readjusted back to 1 year(s) and, starting on that date, memberships would only be extended 1 year. Steps to Update Term: • Open your membership program and click 'Terms and Levels' • Click 'Edit' • Update the current term number to 15 and change the units from year(s) to month(s) Note — If you offer multiple terms on your membership program you can choose to update one specific term or all terms. This will update the current terms on all memberships in your database that have selected the previous term, but then update back to the standard term when it is reset in the future. Creating a Membership Renewal Process

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