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CUSTOMER SUCCESS: Leveraging Blackbaud Altru During Re-opening

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Blackbaud Proprietary Information 65 Fairchild Street, Charleston, SC 29492 | Page 1 of 3 Leveraging Blackbaud Altru™ during Re-opening As your cultural organization starts plans for the new changes to daily operations brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, there will be many, many pieces to review, adjust and fit into the puzzle that you solve every day to safely welcome hundreds and thousands of visitors to your buildings, grounds, and experiences. In creating this resource, our goal is to help you identify and solve the pieces that require Blackbaud tools, so you can move on to the rest of the puzzle with confidence. Each of you will have a different set of challenges to overcome and rules to follow depending on geography, collection considerations, government regulations, and numerous other criteria. Similarly, there may be multiple strategies for addressing these challenges that best fit your unique situation; there is no "one size fits all" set of recommendations that will work for everybody. Accordingly, in compiling the items below, we have looked to numerous sources, including our own team members, associations, service organizations, and other experts in the field, for broad guidance on emerging best practices (Here's a great list of some of those resources). Much of this may be new to some of you, and many of the changes and configurations needed to properly execute a new tactic in your software or other systems will also be new. Where possible, we have included links and tips to give you a head start, but we know speed AND accuracy are critical right now, so we are standing by through all normal channels to provide additional assistance as needed. We intend for this to be a living document to adapt to the daily changes that will come, so please send us your feedback as well so we can better serve you and the cultural community. As your Blackbaud Altru™ organization plans for re-opening, consider incorporating the following policies, processes, and procedures: OPERATIONS • Logistics: Pre-opening preparedness o Identify the key staff contacts or task force that will be coordinating various efforts related to programming, membership, or development. o Set up a communications plan for your internal and external community so everyone is aware of new processes and procedures: media, patrons, the public, your members, staff, and senior leadership and board members. Communicate your agreed-upon requirements ahead of time to set expectations with your patrons. For example, many states will require the use of masks or other personal protective equipment (PPE), so you'll want to share your plans to enforce those requirements. Similarly, if you plan to disinfect or sanitize areas between visitors, you should make your patrons aware of those plans as well. o Set up a web page with COVID-related protocol that is also linked through the Altru Web Form acknowledgement emails. o Review your state's capacity guidance and begin to think about your organization's capacity based on those guidelines. Maximum capacity with new social distancing policies is based on square footage that allows for 6 ft of physical distancing per person. o Review your web form capabilities for easy selling of timed tickets to limit the amount of visitors (more info about this in the Programming section). Consider your internal policy on managing and merging duplicates in Altru. With a surge of online transactions, data hygiene is a priority. As you communicate with your patrons and begin to reopen, a clean database will be critical.

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