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30 Tips for Creating Your Next Great Event

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PL ANNING FOR SUCCESS: 24 TIPS FOR CREATING YOUR NEXT GREAT EVENT © 2015 | T 800.468.8996, option 3 E W PL ANNING FOR SUCCESS: 30 Tips for Creating Your Next Great Event Pre-Event 1. Reach out to other nonprofits for help and advice. Seek help within the Blackbaud community by posting on our online forums, attending user groups, or talking to a Blackbaud Champion ™ . 2. Does your event have multiple parts? Use event groups to make planning, registration, and analysis a breeze. Watch our video, "Raiser's Edge ™ : Managing Events" on Training Central. 3. Make headline news and use social media to create a buzz. Check out "Five Ways to Ensure Your Event Makes Headline News" and "Let's Talk Facebook ® and Events" on the npENGAGE blog. 4. Make each seat worth more! Use the Seating function to add a fun element to seats or tables at your event, such as naming seats after popular characters or using company sponsored tables. 5. Use Seating notes. Track individual details about patrons, such as seating preferences and past seat locations, to make seating easier for future events. 6. Every minute counts, so avoid double work! Copy details like expenses and ticket prices over from previous events to avoid having to recreate them. 7. Stay organized and automate your to-do list with action tracks. Use action and action tracks to stay on top of your to-do list. This is especially great for items that you do for every event, like creating and printing invitations and confirming the rental facility. 8. Ask your vendors for discounts or a donation. 9. Set your organization up for an awesome turnout. When you send an invite, send an extra for a friend or family member. Make your registration link easy to forward, send Facebook invites, and offer discount codes for bringing a friend. 10. Don't waste time individually adding participants when you can globally add and update participants in Raiser's Edge ™ . Log in to Training Central and search for our online course, "Managing Event and Participant Records in Raiser's Edge: Events 1." MORE > 1

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