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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Find Social Influencers In Your Email List

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How to Find Social Inuencers in Your Email List Segment by Social Inuence After you've matched your email file to social data, find supporters with over 500 followers and a Klout ® score over 40. Klout scores rate users' social influence by assigning a value from 1–100. Three Types of Inuencers Request a free social insights report Find Your Top Inuencers Social media influencers are message catalysts. These are people and sometimes celebrities who are passionate about your cause, have a lot of friends on social networks, and can amplify your message. Extend Your Reach Use this segmentation strategy to evaluate which supporters you should email to massively extend the reach of your campaign message. What are social inuencers? Your supporters who are active on one or more social networks with a modest to large following and can generate buzz around key moments. Where should you look for inuencers? The best place to find your influencers is in your database— your most valuable asset! It's more likely influencers will share your content if they've already taken action and know who you are. Why do social inuencers matter? Empowering your supporters to share your message is key to breaking through the content noise. Find the people most passionate about your campaign and cultivate them as social ambassadors. How do you nd social inuencers in your database? By matching your email house file with social data, tools like ® and Luminate Online ™ can tell you which supporters are most influential. EVERYDAY 500–5,000 followers Don't let the common name fool you. Your "everyday influencers" pack serious potential. Think: nurse by day, super volunteer by night! Motivated by passion, everyday influencers are the largest and most accessible group you should cultivate. Collectively, they are powerful! Klout 40-69 MEDIA 500–5,000 followers Do you have a strategy for bloggers and media professionals who have signed up for your alerts? Social data allows you to find people who include keywords like "media", "blogger", or "newspaper" in their social bios. Segmenting this group allows you to cultivate relationships and increase the likelihood that they will write about your cause, especially around big moments! Klout 40-69 VIPs 5,000+ followers Generally comprising 1% of your email list, VIPs represent a high percentage of your social reach. Segmenting this group allows you to exclude them from email communications with everyday influencers so you can cultivate them like major donors. Klout 70 + Klout 40 1,500 followers Klout 65 4,500 followers

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