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REPORT: How to Identify & Engage Your Influencers

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14 drives engagement with your campaigns by turning your existing audience into advocates. The 6 steps to success with the professionally influential 1. Identify the target group (e.g. 100 people who meet your criteria, such as self-identified bloggers). Are they talking about your issues? What are their prior interactions? 2. Craft a few versions of an outreach email (acknowledge their value, remind about relationship, make the ask (CTA) very clear: for example, send three tweets on a certain day about a certain thing, and even include the specific task in the email). 3. Follow up with modified versions of the first email, or simply change the subject, depending on open / click rates for the first. 4. Create two groups in your CRM and (yes/prospects). 5. Follow up with materials for the only channels they use such as tweets, Facebook posts, blog content, images, videos, etc. Make it as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE! 6. Launch the campaign on the agreed date. This program is dealing with influencers who are unlikely to ask for money in return for an endorsement. With professionals who are influential it's all about acknowl- edging their expertise and making a friendly easy to implement ask. Their participation will depend on how they already feel about your group, based on the relationship they already have. Design an Influencer Program, Part II: Professional Influencers

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