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About Blackbaud Leading uniquely at the intersection point of technology and social good, Blackbaud connects and empowers organizations to increase their impact through software, services, expertise, and data intelligence. We serve the entire social good community, which includes nonprofits, foundations, corporations, education institutions, healthcare institutions, and the individual change agents who support them. 800.443.9441 | | April 2018 2 Consolidated Data Collection to Engage Visitors Pull all your reports directly from your Blackbaud ® solution and segment based on new attributes from Guru! By leveraging data collection from Blackbaud Ticketing with Guru, you'll enjoy: • Behavior Mapping In real-time, your organization can know which exhibits and areas of your institution each visitor engages with, what they take a photo of, and where they spend the most time! Knowing what your visitors enjoy most can result in more strategic and meaningful campaigns that will resonate with them! Imagine if a group of visitors spent most of their time studying a specific sculpture in your gallery, you'd not only know about it, but could also strategize accordingly within Blackbaud Altru. • Behavior Tagging We can rank and analyze visitor behavior through a system of tagging. This means you'll know which visitors are a perfect fit for a membership or capital campaign, and you'll learn what motivates current members to renew or donate. How do we do this? The Guru App sends data over to Blackbaud Altru via custom fields and attributes to be tagged onto the constituent record! • One Database for All Ticket Buyers and Supporters There is no reason to have your data siloed. With Blackbaud's consolidated ticketing solution, you'll automatically track how often someone visits, what they purchased, and which events they attend. Tickets can be purchased, and supporters can donate, renew, or manage their membership— all from their mobile device. Plus, you can pull all your reports directly from your Blackbaud Altru Database. Imagine your marketers leveraging your Guru behavior data to segment and launch successful campaigns! • Push Notifications Target your visitors when they are at your organization and engaging with your exhibits through Guru's in-app interactions! Imagine sending a notification about a special fundraising event right when they are looking at an art collection. How about a push notification to donate and save an endangered species at your zoo? Send a coupon for your gift shop before they leave! Or, remind a visitor their membership is up for renewal. No longer do you need to wait until after a visitor leaves to engage with them. With data this in-depth, you can better target your marketing efforts, increase and retain members, and convert new donors. Let Blackbaud and Guru focus on your data insight, so you can focus on strategic campaigns and the magic that you provide as an arts and cultural organization. Learn more at, or contact your account representative. About Guru Guru enhances the visitor experience through location-aware mobile apps, cutting edge AR/VR technology, and riveting content. Not only does Guru help its partners provide more exciting and memorable experiences for guests, Guru acts as a business enhancement tool through data collection and analysis, which is used for everything from planning exhibits to creating target markets for marketing campaigns to increasing merchandise sales and donations.

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