VIDEO: Group Sales with Blackbaud Altru

September 13, 2016

Managing reservations for field trips, group tours, and facility rentals is swift, effortless and efficient with Blackbaud Altru’s group sales functionality.

When your group arrives, we have a quick and powerful check-in tool that enables you to verify the total attendees and recalculate balances when the number of visitors changes from the original order.  And since Blackbaud Altru is a cloud based tool, you can use an iPad to check in school groups and facility rentals at a location other than the front desk. This can help reduce crowding and confusion at your entry area or ticket counter.

See how Blackbaud Altru can help you manage reservations on group events and keep everything clean and efficient during check in.

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VIDEO: Ticketing with Blackbaud Altru
VIDEO: Ticketing with Blackbaud Altru

See how Blackbaud Altru's quick and flexible point of sale can make admissions more efficient and visitors ...

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VIDEO: Fundraising with Blackbaud Altru
VIDEO: Fundraising with Blackbaud Altru


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