PODCAST: Data Driven: Not an Option Anymore

August 22, 2017

On this episode, we’re talking to guest Steve MacLaughlin about data and the growing need for analytics in the nonprofit space. Steve is the Vice President of Data & Analytics at Blackbaud with over 20 years experience in the field. He is the author of Data Driven Nonprofits, a bestseller in 2016. Join us as he shares the top lessons learned from data analysis of current trends in nonprofit fundraising and how to apply these for future growth.

Topics discussed this episode:

  • Important data and warnings from Blackbaud’s 2016 Charitable Giving Report
  • Metrics to assess current trends and make accurate projections
  • Data driven decision-making and increasing engagement
  • Getting started with data and avoiding “analysis paralysis”
  • Current technologies available to nonprofits

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Blackbaud’s 2016 Charitable Giving Report

Data Driven Nonprofits by Steve MacLaughlin


Steve MacLaughlin at the Huffington Post


“Data and statistics analytics answer that fundamental question: Is something working, or is it not?” - Steve MacLaughlin

“There are multiple paths to being successful with the use of data.” - Steve MacLaughlin  

“The nonprofit that creates the shortest distance between the gift and the expected outcome, wins.” - Steve MacLaughlin

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