RECORDED WEBINARS: Two Ways to Harness the Power of Data

December 28, 2017 Lisa Kenney

It's time to grab data by the reins and take control of it! We've gathered two on-demand webinars focused ways to harness your data: Enrichment and Analytics.

1) Start with Data Enrichment 101
Your database is a gold mine of insight. Your data can help you understand your constituents, connect with them in meaningful ways, and optimize your fundraising programs. Join us for this one-hour webinar where you'll get tips and best practices for evaluating data hygiene, implementing a data clean-up plan, and performing regular database maintenance. With a comprehensive data clean-up plan in place, you'll be well on your way to joining the thousands of nonprofits that use data effectively to optimize their fundraising programs.

Learn the Best Practices to Optimize Your Donor Database >

2) Harness the Power with Analytics
Target Analytics delivers data-driven, collaborative solutions for every stage of the donor life cycle that help charitable organizations increase support and further their missions. We offer the only comprehensive solution for data management, donor acquisition and cultivation, prospect research, collaborative peer benchmarking, and access to exclusive fundraising data and experts.

Learn how we help organizations identify their best prospects, retain loyal supporters, assess donor performance, and measure fundraising success >

Click here to learn more about finding more support in your database with Target Analytics Affluence and request Your FREE Scorecard and easily identify Your Potential Donors From Any List 

Let us sample your data and show you who's hiding in your lists. Target Analytics Affluence is a data tool that can do just that. Contact us at and request your FREE Affluence Scorecard today!

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ARTICLE: Four Options for Fine-Tuning Old Data
ARTICLE: Four Options for Fine-Tuning Old Data

If your data is faulty, your decisions will be, too.

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RECORDED WEBINAR: Using Open Data & Personalization at Museums

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RECORDED WEBINAR: New Year, New Benchmarks: How to Leverage Data in Your Museum

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