OVERVIEW: Blackbaud Champions

July 24, 2017

“The Champions Sales Lead Program is a fun way to keep customers engaged with Blackbaud. Unlike other major software companies where you're just a number, Blackbaud makes you feel like a valued member of their family and that your opinions matter. It helps that there;s also potentially fabulous prizes available too!”
—Jason Drury, Fanshawe College

Being a Blackbaud Champion means sharing your perspective about how partnering with Blackbaud has helped advance your mission through technology. We appreciate the time and effort you put in to sharing your experiences using Blackbaud products and services; that’s why we created the Blackbaud Champions program just for you. When nonprofit professionals have a question about how our software works or how our services can enable them to spend more time on their missions, you’re there to share your firsthand experiences. Your insight is invaluable, and we want to connect you to people interested in getting started with Blackbaud.

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