RECORDED WEBINARS: Building Repeat Giving & Creating Better Benchmarks for 2017

April 6, 2017

In this three-part webinar series, we’ll discuss how you can build repeat giving, create better benchmarks for 2017, and improve engagement with your lists, based on findings from the 2016 Luminate Online™ Benchmark Report.

Let’s Create Lasting Relationships: Ten Ways You Can Engage Existing Donors to Build Repeat Giving
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Relationships rule, and this year’s data continues a positive trend of strong repeat giving, up 8.63% year over year. Savvy nonprofits have found that building a base of repeat and sustaining donors is the key to long term fundraising success. Join us as we discuss ten actionable ways that organizations like yours can turn one-time or occasional donors into committed, repeat givers.

Presented by: Scarlett Bauman, Director of Marketing, Air Force Enlisted Village, Inc., Danielle Johnson Vermenton, Blackbaud, and Kathryn Hall, Blackbaud

Let’s Create Effective Goals: The Science and Art of Analyzing Fundraising Results for Better Benchmarks in 2017 
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You carefully crafted email campaigns, designed donation pages, and complemented them with spot-on social media—all in the spirit of nailing your 2016 fundraising goals. Now that your year’s ended, how will you measure success? We find it’s part art and part science. In this session, we’ll share tips on how to benchmark 2016 results to create the foundation for your 2017 campaigns, diving into our recent benchmark report so you can compare your progress with other, similar organizations.

Presented by: Mike Johnston of HJC, and Kathryn Hall, Blackbaud

Let’s Create a Connection: Stop Spamming and Start Connecting with Email Contacts
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Can you send less email and get better results? If a recent case study from Canada is any indication, the answer is YES. Canada’s Anti-Spam Law (CASL), enacted in July 2014, was one of the world’s toughest, requiring organizations to obtain express consent from individuals to send email. What can we learn from this forced experiment in trimming email lists? Rather than impeding nonprofit email programs, our 2016 Luminate Online Benchmark Report shows that after two full years under CASL, savvy Canadian nonprofits have benefited from a shift in focus on quality vs. quantity: taking a more targeted approach that builds stronger relationships with those on their lists.

Presented by: Heather MacLean, Blackbaud Canada, and Kathryn Hall, Blackbaud

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RECORDED WEBINAR: Big Idea: Multi- to Omni-Channel Marketing

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