RECORDED WEBINAR: Engage Supporters Who are Most Passionate About Your Campaigns

July 27, 2017

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When supporters post about your cause on social media, it means they are ready to act and already influencing others. This demo will show you how to harness the passion of your supporters who are fired up on social media so you can:

  • Engage your advocates in the moment (and not next month's newsletter)
  • Find the best supporters for Twitter storms, Facebook Live events and more
  • Reach more people on Instagram + Facebook with custom audience ads

We'll show you how to leverage social data to reveal the social side of your advocates so you can personalize communication and boost engagement to win your campaigns. 

Watch the On-Demand Recording >

Let show you how to build buzz, scale action, and turn your influencers into lasting advocates. Check out these resources to learn more >

As of May 31, 2018, Klout scores were removed from Blackbaud has implemented a social influence (Si) score. Blackbaud's SI score is comprised of three metrics: Reach, Relevance and Engagement.

Here's how we define the three key datapoints of our Social Influence score:

  • Reach – the total number of people who see the individual's content
  • Relevance – matching topics to a person (ie media to person who works at TV station)
  • Engagement – measures how much a supporter interacts with you and your cause. An engaged donor might have liked several posts on Twitter about a topic related to your mission. They could also have shared your posts with others and frequently click on links in your social media posts.
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VIDEO: Drive Engagement with Social Insight
VIDEO: Drive Engagement with Social Insight

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INFOGRAPHIC: How to Find Social Influencers In Your Email List

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