RECORDED WEBINAR: The Center for the Future of Museums Presents: Museums in 2040

The Center for the Future of Museums Presents:
Museums in 2040

How could your museum help build a future of social and racial justice? How can you use CFM’s 2040 scenarios to enrich your planning? Elizabeth Merritt dives deep dive into the theme of museums, truth, and reconciliation.

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Joining Elizabeth are Omar Eaton-Martínez, M. Ed., who currently leads the Prince George’s County Historical Resources and Historical House Museums, and Cara Krmpotich, DPhil, Director and Associate Professor, Museum Studies, at the iSchool, University of Toronto.

Omar expands on the ideas he introduced in his Museum 2040 article Truth and Reconciliation: Museums as Advocates for Human Rights and Healing. Cara builds on this theme based on the calls to action stemming from Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission. How could your museum help build a future of social and racial justice? 

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Museum 2040: A Museum Magazine Special Edition
AAM’s challenge to the authors was to describe what museums would have done between 2017 and this version of 2040 to achieve such success. We think you will be delighted, surprised, and intrigued by the stories they have created in response to that challenge.
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TrendsWatch 2018: The Scenario Edition
Four stories of potential futures to help museums come up with creative solutions to the central challenge: how can we create a world informed and enriched by thriving museums? How can museums thrive, in the face of diverse forces of change? Each scenario provides guidance for structuring conversations around these playful provocations, prompting readers and planning teams to ask questions that can help guide your strategic planning.
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Reports on Truth and Reconciliation provides free access to resources statements, document and other materials gathered by the  National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation at the University of Manitoba, Canada.
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