RECORDED WEBINAR: Legal Rules for Digital Advocacy You Need to Know (but probably don't)

March 4, 2018

Advocacy is the backbone of people powered policy changes and social media is a fantastic tool to help accomplish this. But there are rules and regulations that we need to keep in mind while engaging in social media advocacy.

Join our webinar with Alliance for Justice who will cover:

  • How your nonprofit can take advantage of social media, while still staying in compliance with laws that regulate advocacy
  • How to treat social media and other communications in the context of lobbying limits for 501(c)(3) organizations
  • How 501(c)(3) organizations can avoid campaign intervention in an election year.

We’ll review what to keep in mind when using social media to lobby, and what you should know if you’re responding via social media to elected officials or candidates for public office. We’ll also talk about how using social media in your personal capacity differs from using it in your professional capacity.

Dive into the rules around online advocacy, while also brushing up on some topics you may already know!

Watch the recording

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