ARTICLE: Planning Resources For End-of-Year Fundraising

July 23, 2018 Lisa Kenney

Planning for EOY fundraising starts now!
Improve your strategy with these resources. 

Have you checked out our eBook on end-of-year giving yet? It's your step-by-step guide to year-end fundraising, and it explains how you can capitalize on fundraising trends today. Download the eBook, and explore our free checklists, worksheets, and podcasts to help you kick-start your fundraising season!


CHECKLIST | Planning for End-of-Year Giving
Get started on planning your end-of-year giving strategy with this quick checklist. Check these important steps off your list to create a solid foundation for building a great campaign.

CHECKLIST | Database Hygiene
Your database is the most important tool for an effective end-of-year campaign. Now is the time to ensure that you’re using best practices. Check to make sure your database is ready for analytics by optimizing the information you already have.

WORKSHEET | End-of-Year Messaging
Build a case statement for why donors should support your end-of-year campaign, and use it as the building block for your end-of-year appeal.

WORKSHEET | Creating a Welcome Series
The easiest and most effective way to steward new and re-engaged donors who come through your end-of-year campaign is to build a welcome series. Use this worksheet to map your steps in advance and build a welcome series that will keep donors coming back.

CHECKLIST | Multichannel Strategy
You should never limit yourself to just one fundraising solicitation method. Use letters, emails, phone calls, social media posts, coffee meetings, and more; no method should be overlooked during this crucial time of year.
PODCAST 1 | End-of-Year Giving: Who's Really Driving It?
There's a debate among experts who work with nonprofits over the driving factor behind end-of-year giving. Is the giving season really inspired by individual donors feeling more generous or have nonprofits created that sentiment through all of our marketing, outreach, and appeals? Farra Trompeter, vice president at Big Duck NYC, and Marc Pitman, CEO of the Concord Leadership Group and Founder of, tackle this timely topic.

PODCAST 2End-of-Year Giving: Extreme Makeover Edition
Mike Snusz, principal strategy consultant at Blackbaud, and Danielle Altenburg, director of development at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington, discuss giving your end-of-year campaign an extreme makeover: what’s involved, what it takes, and how extreme the changes really need to be to yield extreme results. If your organization can make a few changes and tweaks now, it could be all you need to find year-end success.

PODCAST 3Your #NoFilter Checklist for EOY Prep
In this episode, we're talking about our unfiltered end-of-year campaign checklists. Scarlett Bauman, director of marketing at Air Force Enlisted Village, and Brock Warner, senior manager of fundraising at War Child Canada, share what their end-of-year planning looks like and give us great advice on campaign organizing.

PODCAST 4The Yellow Brick Road to End-of-Year Giving
Kerry Meyers, Internet marketing manager at The Carter Center, and Scott Gilman, senior consultant at Blackbaud, discuss end-of-year preparations, leveraging data and interactive content, and how to win the hearts of prospects and donors before December.

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