NEWS TO KNOW: September 18, 2017

September 13, 2017

Get caught up on all the news you missed last week! 


How Zoos & Aquariums Prepare for a Hurricane | Desperate times call for sometimes creative measures when it comes to keeping animals safe during natural disasters.

Kids Get Their Hands on Music at a Petting Zoo | Talk about #artsedweek: If you're in the Chicago area, check out the Music Institute of Chicago's Musical Petting Zoos. Go ahead and check it out- it's exactly what you think!



Museums Spared by Irma's Devastating Wrath | In the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, check in on how Florida arts organizations have come out the other side.

New Technologies Foster Improved Sensory Experience at Museums | Is technology killing the museum experience or enhancing it? 



MIT Opens First Performing Arts Building | The first ever dedicated arts building on the campus will open 11/16 with a production of Everybody. Check them out if you're in the Boston area!



Oakland wants Ideas on Supporting the Arts | Oakland is seeking ideas from residents on how to support its vast creative community and enhance cultural life. If you're based in the Oakland area, check out the story and submit your ideas!

Texas Commission on the Arts Award Grants in 122 Cities | TCA approved funding of 778 grants in 2018, totaling over $4 Million to go to nonprofits and units of government in 122 cities across Texas. 

Food Aid, with a Side of Culture | Massachusetts has rolled out a program to provide low-income residents with free or reduced admission to more than 100 venues across the state! If you live in Massachusetts, check out how you can participate!



Look at all the fun you and your visitors are having on social media! Check out these trending hashtags and use them in your marketing!

#nowonview | A great way to announce new exhibitions at your museum!

#workoftheweek | Consider highlighting your collections this week.

#artsedweek | (9/10 - 9/16) It was National Arts Education Week!

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See you next week!

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