NEWS TO KNOW: October 9, 2017

October 9, 2017

Get caught up on all the news you missed last week! 


26 Top-Tier Zoos Earn Meritorious AZA Accreditation | Check out the list of this year's Association of Zoos and Aquariums accredited organizations. Congratulate these gold-standard zoos  & aquariums on social media!

Vancouver Aquarium Staff Aid Baby Beluga Rescue in Alaska | With the Beluga population in Cook Inlet, Alaska, being considered critically endangered, every life is precious. Read how Vancouver Aquarium helped save a life, and of course see the cutest baby beluga--now being cared for at the Alaska SeaLife Center!


Obsessed Pop Culture Fans May Have Something Museums Want | All those fan collections from famous shows, movies, and music could end up in museums as today's audiences become more invested in pop culture than ever. See how the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle is using these items to curate a whole new type of exhibition. 



Lincoln Center Scraps a $500 Million Renovation | When vast improvement projects become so lofty that they could cripple the already declining subscription base, where do you draw the line? Read more about the tough decisions Lincoln Center had to make to do what's best for the arts. Are you a part of a performing arts center that has had to balance the need to improve with the need to put people in the seats? Tell us what it was like!



Eight Things That Happen In Kid's Brains When Arts Funding Gets Cut | Children lose out on more than just a sensory experience when arts funding gets cut. Explore the variety of impacts arts funding has on children emotionally, physically, and developmentally. 

Cultural Leaders Tout the Arts' Value to the Economy | Cultural Leaders of the Florida Division Cultural Affairs want to change the perception of arts funding. See how the study for Arts & Economic Prosperity, commissioned by Americans for the Arts, has effected Florida's arts & cultural reputation.



Look at all the fun you and your peers are having on social media! Check out these trending hashtags and use them in your marketing!

#nowonview | A great way to announce new exhibitions at your museum!

#worldoctopusday | (10/8) Aquariums celebrate World Octopus Day! Check back next week for #CephalopodWeek posts


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