NEWS TO KNOW: September 25, 2017

September 22, 2017 Brianna Weaver

Get caught up on all the news you missed last week! 


A Star-Studded Aquarium Opening | The opening of Johnny Morris' Wonders of Wildlife Museum + Aquarium attracted a sizable crowd including some ex-presidents, and celebrities in giant fish tanks? If you're in the Springfield, Missouri area, you've got to see this. 

Shedd Aquarium Unveils 'Washed Ashore' Exhibit | Shedd Aquarium is presenting a new kind of exhibit that doesn't involve any living aquatic animals, but still leaves visitors thinking about the health of our oceans.



D.C. Museum Redefined What Museums Could Be| The Smithsonian's beloved Anacostia Community Museum is celebrating 50 years of bringing people of the historic D.C. region together. Read more about the birth of this museum during a troubling time for civil rights and how it's celebrated cultural differences ever since. 

Over 1,000 Museums Nationwide Participated in #MuseumDayLive | An estimated 1300 museums this past weekend opened their doors to the public for free to promote the rich selection of cultural and education experiences across the country. Did you participate? Hashtag your experiences!



Omaha Performing Arts Celebrates Nebraska's 150th Birthday | There was no better way to celebrate a birthday than to dance! The Omaha Area Youth Orchestra will be accompanying the group. Check out this two-weekend event if you're in the Omaha area. 



How Seattle's Growing Pains are Impacting the Arts Scene | The fastest growing city in the nation is acquiring more than just people. Find out how soaring rent and other socioeconomic factors are effecting arts and cultural organizations in the Seattle area. 

Arts & Culture make Louisville Economically Attractive | Louisville, Kentucky has flourished economically and culturally because of the community's commitment to the arts. Learn more about why the arts is so important to the future of this area's well-being, and look out for our customer spotlight on Fund for the Arts, coming soon!



Look at all the fun you and your visitors are having on social media! Check out these trending hashtags and use them in your marketing!

#nowonview | A great way to announce new exhibitions at your museum!

#workoftheweek | Consider highlighting your collections this week.

#museumdaylive | (9/23) Smithsonian Magazine presents Museum Day Live!

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