CHECKLIST: Planning for End-of-Year Giving

August 30, 2017


 Get organizational buy-in. Build a coalition across leadership and your board that is committed to supporting the process. Educate them on the importance of end-of-year giving and the connection between this time of year and your organization’s financial success.

 Clean up your database and test your messaging. Ensure that your database is ready for analytics by cleaning up your records and updating contact information. Consider testing out more advanced analytics to help you pinpoint the best prospects to target at year-end.

 Map out your engagement strategy. Create your approach for segmenting contacts and the best timeframes to contact different groups. Build a case statement for why donors should support your organization, and plan out the groundwork for additional incentives like matching gift challenges.

  Consider your plan for #GivingTuesday. Online giving on #GivingTuesday grew 52% year over year in 2015. If you have the capacity to give this day proper planning and attention, it can be a focal element in kicking off the giving season for your organization.

  Determine your messaging. Building on the case statement you created earlier, craft messaging that frames your supporters as the heroes of your organization’s story. Focus on the most compelling need that donors can help solve, and incorporate success stories that will move them to give. 36 END-OF-YEAR FUNDRAISING TOOLKIT © BLACKBAUD, INC.

  Go multichannel. With your messaging in place, it’s time to spread it like wildfire through every channel you can. Set a strong foundation by optimizing your website, donation forms, and emails. Tap into your supporters’ networks by arming them with shareable content. And don’t forget about offline channels like snail mail and phone calls.

  Steward your donors. Set up an automated welcome series to educate and inspire new supporters, drawing them into the fold of your organization. Enlist your full staff and board to participate in personalized stewardship, like handwritten notes and phone calls.

By following these steps, creating a smart strategy, and positioning your donors as the heroes of your mission, you’ll be the one making a serious impact for your organization. Here’s to you—the fundraisers who make it all happen—and here’s to the most incredible end-of-year giving season yet!

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TIP SHEET: The Strategy Starting Line: Getting Your Whole Team On Board

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