Best of 2018: Financial Management Thought Leadership Webinar Series

Finance and Development Integration in the Cloud

Kathy Finnell, Director, Finn Accounting/Peter Montano, Director, PGM Accounting/Thomas DeMayo, Principle, Cyber Risk Management, PKF O'Connor Davies

Connecting the departments has never been easier! In the second installment of the Finance and Fundraising Toolkit webinar series, panelists will talk about how having an integrated solution can improve transparency and streamline processes across departments. They'll also discuss key considerations that organizations should keep in mind when evaluating integrated cloud solutions.

Getting Aligned on Finance and Mission Strategy

What do finance and development have in common? A goal to keep the organization on the path to successfully fulfilling its mission. So, it's critical that finance and development are aligned, not only on this overarching goal, but also on the path they'll take to getting there. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

Becoming a Lean Nonprofit

Lucy Morgan, CPA, MBA, and GPA-Approved Trainer

This not-to-be-missed webinar will cover everything you need to know to incorporate lean management principles into the financial function of your organization.

Best Practices in Reducing Overhead

Lucy Morgan, CPA, MBA, and GPA-Approved Trainer

In this webinar, industry expert and bestselling author Lucy Morgan will share her expertise on how to reduce overhead in the financial office and where the industry is headed in terms of reduced overhead expectations and investments in automation.

What Nonprofit CFOs Need to Know About the New FASB Regulations

Blackbaud Product Mgmt. Team

The recent changes in the Financial Accounting Standards Board’s (FASB) guidance for nonprofits are significant, even if they seem like common sense. The reporting of net asset classes, decisions on how expense categories are allocated, and underwater endowments can have an impact on your nonprofit organization.

Tips for CFOs Transitioning to the Cloud

Financial officers have some unique considerations when moving mission-critical financial applications to the cloud. In this webinar, we'll provide an overview of some of the benefits of cloud applications, as well as pitfalls and common questions from nonprofit financial leaders.

The Grant Office: Organizational Placement, Structure, and Staffing for Healthcare Entities

Stacy Fitzsimmons, Owner of SNF Writing Solutions

As the grant landscape becomes more complex and competitive, there is a growing conversation in the community about how best to approach all the activities and requirements as an organization. Because there isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach, grant functions can become daunting exercises in strategy, prioritization, and culture.

Increasing Operational Efficiency: Cornell Cooperative Extension and Blackbaud Financial Edge NXT

Join Blackbaud and Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) in this webinar, where we'll discuss the common pains and ever-increasing stewardship demands that extension funds face daily.

Trends in Accounting and Finance According to the CFO

Join Blackbaud, AICPA, and other accounting experts for a discussion on accounting trends and key learnings developed over years of working with nonprofits. This not-to-be-missed panel will also cover the evolving role of the CFO and regulation changes.

The Nonprofit CFO Playbook

Russell Pomeranz, President & CEO, Claverack Advisory Group

Nonprofit CFOs will face many obstacles in 2018. To set your organization up for success, you need to connect the finance function with your mission. That’s where our comprehensive playbook The Three Roles of the Mission-Infused CFO comes in. In this webinar, you’ll get industry best practices and strategies to help you define your CFO style, so you can have your best year yet.

What Nonprofit CFOs Can Learn from For-Profit CFOs

Peter G. Montano, CPA and Principal & Kathy Finnell, Manager - Macpage LLC

Join Peter G. Montano, CPA and Principal at Macpage LLC and Kathy Finnell, manager at Macpage LLC, for this webinar as they share strategies that nonprofit CFOs can employ from their counterparts at for-profit companies.

Sliding Fee Discount Programs at Federally Qualified Health Centers

David Wagner, MURP, MHCM, CPME - Owner, FQHC Consultants

Watch this webinar in which David Wagner, owner of FQHC Consultants, discusses the compliance measures health centers need to take for a Sliding Fee Discount Program.

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