WEBINAR SERIES: The Digital Age of Community Engagement

June 8, 2018 Lisa Kenney

How to Better Communicate With Key Stakeholders
You know your community exceptionally well: its needs, challenges, and goals for growth. But how well do you know your donors and their interests? Clearly communicating your story to prospective donors is step one when building new relationships. As you work to develop those relationships and think about future collaboration, it is essential to communicate key data points or funding opportunities relevant to donor interests. Learn from Daniel Affourtit, product manager, as he discusses how to develop these meaningful relationships and build stronger connections with your community.
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Use your Website to Make a Greater Impact
Community Foundations need a great website that is engaging and can effectively communicate about its mission. Without it, you may not be connecting to your community.

Brook Hansel, Manager of Digital Solutions, of Blackbaud, has helped guide hundreds of community foundations and public charities through their journey of a new and better website strategy. In this on-demand webinar, Brooke shares the top tips for creating a more engaging website so you can make a greater impact. She'll focus on user experience, search engine optimization, calls to action and Responsive design. 
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RECORDED WEBINAR: Finding More Support in Your Audience

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