VIDEO: Membership with Blackbaud Altru

September 13, 2016

The power of Blackbaud Altru really shines in the membership department. Gone are the days of having outdated membership data at the front desk or trying to validate a membership in a separate system. With everything in one consolidated solution, all aspects of the organization are always on the same page, even if that newest member just bought their membership from their phone while they were still in the parking lot. A full-featured membership work center lets you view and manage every aspect of your membership programs: from printing out bar-coded membership cards to running your membership renewal notices. Easy to use dashboards give you a real-time view into the activity and overall health of your membership programs.

See how Blackbaud Altru can help you provide a better experience for your members and keep staff notified.

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ARTICLE: 7 Tips to Retain Members
ARTICLE: 7 Tips to Retain Members

Preserving membership relations

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Blackbaud Altru Effect
INFOGRAPHIC: The Blackbaud Altru Effect

A Closer Look at Blackbaud Altru's ROI

Advice to Ignite Your Membership Campaign

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