WEBINAR SERIES: Museum Trustee Assocation + Blackbaud

March 15, 2019

New Year, New Benchmarks: How to Leverage Data in Your Museum 
Learn what benchmarking tools are available to you, and how you should think through that data to make choices for your organization. 
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Who and How to Ask: Timely and Effective Conversations During Giving Season 
The Museum Trustee Association and Blackbaud discuss who to ask, how to ask, and who should be doing the asking for support at your arts and cultural organization. You’ll also learn how to follow-through with your ask and tips to retain your supporters. 
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To Enhance the Effectiveness of Museum Trustees

To provide programs and services that support museum trustees in their roles and to provide forums for them to exchange ideas and information on matters of common concern throughout the United States and the Americas.

Struggling to keep your data healthy?
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DATASHEET: Blackbaud Purchase Card